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Ashgate Hospice > Staff from Ashgate Hospicecare talk to ITV News about the integral role they are playing in the COVID response

Reporter, Daniel Hewitt, and his team from ITV visited Ashgate Hospicecare to report on the rising number of COVID patients the charity is caring for and their crucial role in the COVID-19 response in North Derbyshire. 

During the visit, Dan spoke with hospice patient John Wood, who has Motor Neurone Disease and has recovered from COVID-19, as well as interviews with the nursing team on the frontline and Chief Executive, Barbara-Anne Walker. 

The broadcast detailed the opening of a second COVID dedicated wing at Ashgate Hospicecare, how staff were managing the increased workload and why the emergency funding from the government isn’t enough. 

Talking on the day, Barbara-Anne, said: 

“The money we get from the NHS doesn’t cover our costs under normal circumstances, and the additional money [from the government] is really very welcome but is only for just now and it doesn’t cover all of our costs. 

“The NHS does not provide the care we provide, they’re not able to, they don’t have the capacity or the capability, so if we’re not here to do it people will die in pain, they will die in distress, in a way that isn’t necessary.” 

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