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Ashgate Hospice > ‘It’s better than any medicine,’ says Ashgate Hospice volunteer who used volunteering to help combat depression

An Ashgate Hospice volunteer lives with depression, but volunteering in one of Ashgate’s shops has helped her turn her life around.  

She started volunteering in the hospice’s Bolsover shop in June last year and has enjoyed making friends with the other staff and volunteers.  

Having initially volunteered three days a week, she asked for an increase in hours so she can do her bit to support the team as much as possible.  

She said: “I love volunteering at Ashgate – it gets me out the house and gives me a chance to meet new people.  

“The team at the Bolsover shop are brilliant and I’ve made some great friends since I started, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

“I come and volunteer most days of the week now because I love it that much, but some volunteers just do one day a week – you can volunteer on whatever days work for you. 

“I came and asked about volunteering because being at home and stuck in the four walls, I thought that I really needed to get out and meet more people. 

“I struggle with my mental health, and have had problems with depression, but since coming to volunteer at the Ashgate shop I’ve felt so much better. 

“Coming here, getting out the house and meeting some wonderful people has been amazing – volunteering at Ashgate is better than any medicine you can get!” 

From helping serve customers to sorting through donations generously made by Ashgate’s supporters – her efforts help raise the money needed to fund end of life care for families all over North Derbyshire. 

“Joining Ashgate as a volunteer helped me so much,” she added. “I absolutely love it. I never knew what to expect when I came in and was a bit nervous at first, but I soon settled into the role.  

“The team were really understanding and supported me. I’d urge anyone thinking about volunteering at Ashgate – whether you’re in a similar situation to what I was or not – to come and join the team. I can guarantee you won’t regret it!  

“You’ll learn some great skills along the way and meet some fantastic people, whilst doing your bit for such a fantastic cause.” 

Anyone who is interested in volunteering can go to and fill in the Volunteer Enquiry Form.  

Alternatively, pop into your local shop and ask to speak to the shop manager about volunteering. You can find your nearest shop below.