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Ashgate Hospice > Special bed will allow patients and their families to share final cuddle together

“The bed will allow our patients and their families to have one last cuddle, one last moment to spend precious time together.” – Ashgate Nurse, Kayleigh

A special thank you to The Morrisons Foundation who donated an incredible £20,000 to help us buy our first cuddle bed for our Inpatient Unit at Old Brampton.

The bed is able to transform into a double bed allowing patients and their loved ones to lie together, just like they would at home. This is so important to our patients, as their wish is to experience life as normally as possible, regardless of their illness.

Families will be able to cuddle up close and watch their favourite movies, read, enjoy shared pastimes, or look out at the hospice gardens together.

Children and grandchildren will be able to hop up onto the bed to allow for the loving, bonding and comforting cuddles they need.

The cuddle bed will allow families to lie with their loved one, comfort them and give them precious hugs at the very end of life.