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Ashgate Hospice > The Life and Death Podcast: Clover Stroud – “There’s no fast way through it.”

Acclaimed journalist and Sunday Times bestseller, Clover Stroud, joins us in this episode for a look at how death can help you see the world in vivid colour. Clover’s beloved sister, Nell died suddenly, days after having been told that even with a cancer diagnosis, she would live for years. The shock tore Clover’s life apart and led to her writing ‘The Red of My Blood’ which chronicles Clover’s fearless passage through the first year after her sister’s death.

In this chat Clover and Stephen explore what death teaches us about life, how to navigate grief and the gift that death has given to Clover.

Clover’s book is as much about life as it is death – The Red of My Blood is out now

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