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Ashgate Hospice > Retired lawyer’s experiences inspire crime novel in support of Ashgate Hospice

A retired criminal lawyer has published his first novel and is donating the profits to help fund care for patients at Ashgate Hospice. 

Barrie Thompson’s Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer is out now and all profits will go towards supporting patients with a palliative and end-of-life illness and their families.  

Barrie, who worked as a litigation lawyer, wrote the book during the Covid lockdowns and wanted to support the hospice after his wife, Gill, volunteered for 14 years at the shop Chesterfield town centre.  

Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer, by Bannister Publications, tells the story of Jack, a lawyer, whose family life turns dark when he discovers his teenage daughter is the victim of a serial groomer. 

Pulling out characters and experiences from his many years as a practising solicitor, Barrie vividly sets the scene for an enthralling crime drama. 

The book’s synopsis is as follows: “Having lived through difficult times, Jack always expected the worst to happen. Now a happily married, successful, lawyer with two children, he still struggled to believe his good fortune.  

“The darkest days of his life dawned when he discovered his teenage daughter was one of many victims of Luke, a serial groomer, whom she planned to marry.  

“A jury would have the burden of deciding if, when Jack drove his car into Luke, ending his life, it was an accident following recurrence of an earlier blackout or, as prejudiced, corrupt, unscrupulous police officers contended, premeditated murder.” 

The book can be purchased from Bannister Publications’ website and costs £8.99 per copy, with £5 from every sale supporting Ashgate Hospice. 

Barrie’s book will also be featured in Chesterfield Library in New Beetwell Street throughout November. 

Rachel Broughton, Senior Corporate and Community Fundraiser at the charity, said: “We’re so grateful that Barrie has chosen to donate all of the profits of his book to us. 

“Not only will those who purchase a copy of Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer be getting their hands on a page-turner, but they’ll be helping fund vital care for the people who need it most. 

“It’s because of fundraisers like Barrie that we’re able to be there for the patients and families who need us most, so thank you so much for your generosity and support.”  

Click here to purchase a copy of Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer now.