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Ashgate Hospice > International Women’s Day at Ashgate Hospice: My mum inspired me to want to make a difference, by Rebecca Littlewood

For International Women’s Day this year, we would like to pay tribute to the incredible role women have had and continue to have in shaping Ashgate Hospice. We asked colleagues to nominate who at the hospice inspires them – and we’ve asked nominees their thoughts on life as a woman in hospice care. 

Rebecca Littlewood is our Social Media Officer and here she tells of how she grew into a career in hospice care through her mum, who used to work in our fundraising team. 


1) What is your job role, what does it entail and what do you love about working at the hospice? 

I’m the hospice’s Social Media Officer, which involves planning and posting social media content and engaging with our supporters, patients and more across several different platforms. I’ve always said working at Ashgate means the work I and everyone else does in the organisation contributes to society rather than a pay check for someone else, and that feels good! 

2) What makes you proud to be a woman working for Ashgate Hospice? 

I’ll be completely honest – it’s not something I think about, nor do I separate working for Ashgate as a woman. I’m just proud to be working there with a wonderful team of people. 

3) What inspired you to get into your chosen career? 

I didn’t really choose the career I’m in – I grew up into it. My mum worked at Ashgate Hospice for 27 years. She started at Ashgate when I was very young, so the answer was always ‘Ashgate Hospice’ whenever my friends asked where mummy worked. I helped her and the fundraising team at fairs for as long as I can remember. 

Just after I finished sixth form, I applied for a role that became available within the fundraising team and actually ended up working alongside my mum for about 12 years! Back then, there wasn’t a communications team, or even person, so again, it’s something I grew into, and I really enjoy the chance to be creative. 

4) How does it feel to know your colleagues are inspired by you? And is there anyone at the hospice that inspires you? 

It’s a wonderful honour. In fact, when I received an email to say I had been nominated, I cried! It just feels so lovely to know that someone has been so kind to say they are inspired by whatever it is I do. I don’t go about my daily business looking for any recognition – I just do what I need to do and live how I want to live the best I can, but this is just a lovely bonus! 

5) What woman inspires you most and why? (You don’t have to know them personally!) 

Apart from my mum, I’d have to say Elizabeth I – she was strong-willed and stood up in a world that, at that time, was very heavily dominated by men. To me, she just proved that no matter what gender you are, you are capable of anything. 


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Why Rebecca was nominated

“Since joining Ashgate many years ago, Rebecca’s commitment to the hospice has been beyond question. She is passionate about the cause and is always keen to make a positive impact, whether that’s for our patients, supporters or colleagues.

“It’s a pleasure to work alongside Rebecca and I’m sure my colleagues in the Marketing and Communications Team would all agree with me.”