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Ashgate Hospice > From Ashgate to Australia: Boys’ fundraiser in support of ‘superhero’ nan and nurse

Aussie brothers Leo and Kaiden, our Ward Manager’s grandchildren, are getting their costumes on for the Superhero Night Walk in support of their amazing nanny.

Given the 15,000km distance between the event venue in Queen’s Park, Chesterfield and their home in Canterbury, Sydney – the boys will be taking on the event remotely.

They are looking forward to getting their capes on and supporting the hospice where their nanny Karen Walker has worked for 14 years.

Leo, aged four, and Kaiden, who is nearly two, will take on the three-mile challenge with mum Natalie and dog Jasper in their local park.

The event, which takes place on Saturday 14th October, will raise vital funds for the families Karen cares for on the hospice’s Inpatient Unit each day.

“Our nanny is a nurse and she helps people like a superhero,” said Leo, aged four. “We love superheroes. I walk as fast as the Flash!

“We love talking to our nanny on FaceTime and in the car on her way to work. We know that she helps people, and we like that she helps them like she helps us when we see her.

“I have a Superman costume that I can wear and Kaiden will wear his Marvel jumper. We can’t wait!”

Every child taking part in the Superhero Night Walk will receive a fundraising pack, superhero cape and a glow in the dark mask to wear whilst taking part in the event.

The event has been sponsored by local businesses Technique Learning Solutions, Motan Colortronic and printing partners PDM.

Karen said she and her family in Chesterfield will be cheering on the boys when they head out on their challenge.

“I am so proud of Leo and Kaiden; they think I’m a superhero because I look after people who are unwell,” said Karen.

“When they see me in my uniform on FaceTime when I’m getting ready for work they like to show me their ‘ouchies’ aka cuts and grazes! I have to send them a special Nanny kiss to make it better!

“It’s such a great feeling knowing that even though they live on the other side of the world they are proud of what I do and how important it is to raise awareness of the fantastic work we do at Ashgate.

She added: “It’s such a privilege to work at the hospice and be able to gain the trust of patients and their families at such a difficult time in their lives. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much to our patients.”

Tickets for the Superhero Night Walk, which starts at 6:30 pm with doors opening from 4:30pm, have now SOLD OUT.

Find out more about taking part in Ashgate Hospice’s events on the charity’s website.