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Ashgate Hospice > Council chairman raises £55,000 for Ashgate Hospice in 12 months

A North Derbyshire council chairman has raised £55,000 towards Ashgate Hospice in just a year – taking the total he’s raised for the charity beyond £130,000.

Chairman of North East Derbyshire District Council, Councillor Martin Thacker MBE, has been fundraising for the local hospice over the past 12 months after choosing Ashgate as his charity of the year.

It is the second time he’s supported the hospice after previously being picked as chairman of the council in 2021/22.

Councillor Thacker, who represents Brampton and Walton Ward and his consort, Jean Spencer, have been fundraising since May last year.

From an action-packed Elvis night to a trip to Brampton Brewery – Councillor Thacker and his committee organised more than 15 different events.

Barbara-Anne Walker, Chief Executive at Ashgate Hospice, said: “Once again, we are absolutely astounded at the support we have received from Councillor Thacker and his volunteer team.

“They have all gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts by arranging fun and exciting events all year round for everyone to attend and enjoy.

“We rely on the hard work and generosity of the people of North Derbyshire in order to raise more than £11 million towards our care every year.

“This kind of donation will mean we can be there for so many patients and their families across our region.

“A huge thank you to Councillor Thacker, Jean Spencer and everyone who was involved with their fundraising efforts. We are beyond grateful for your support!”

Councillor Thacker and his consort, Jean Spencer, handed over the bumper cheque to the hospice’s Chief Executive, Barbara-Anne Walker, at the hospice on 20th May.

He said he was “proud” to have been able to make a “huge difference” to so many people’s lives.

Councillor Thacker added: “Jean and I have met many inspirational people during our time in office, which has been evident during our fundraising for Ashgate Hospice.

“We are incredibly grateful to those who have come along to our events or helped in any other way, whether it’s wing walking, extreme walks or running for sponsorship.

“Fundraising in the current economic climate has been challenging. However, we have not been deterred from highlighting the work of the hospice and raising money for this very worthy charity.

“We are proud to have raised an amount of £55,000 and know the hospice will put the money to good use to make a difference for patients and their families.”

In 2021/22, Councillor Thacker raised £79,500 throughout the year, which means the total amount raised over both appeals comes to £134,500.

Councillor Thacker also advocated towards the charity’s appeal to national overnment for more funding for hospices earlier in the year.

Find out how you can support Ashgate Hospice’s vital work through fundraising in the community or get in touch on 01246 567250 or email [email protected]