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Ashgate Hospice > Ashley Bear’s Picnic

Holding an Ashley Bear’s picnic is the perfect way to raise money for your local hospice as a family. It’s simple and flexible. You could head to your local park, keep it small in your garden or even have it in your living room if the weather isn’t on your side.  

Why not make it a bigger occasion by inviting your children’s friends? And of course, their favourite teddy bears too! 

To raise money at your event, you could: 

  • ask guests to make a donation for attending 
  • do a sponsored walk or activities, such as a relay run or laps around the park.  

Extra ideas! Once you’ve enjoyed the picnic, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the kids entertained: 

  • have a colouring competition with our Ashley Bear colouring sheet  
  • bake some teddy bear-shaped biscuits that everyone can decorate with icing and sweets  
  • have a relay race with the teddy bears, play hide and seek with your bears or add a sponsored walk to the fun  
  • bring things to a gentle end with storytime. For example, Goldilocks and the Three Bears or We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  

On the day of your picnic, pop your food and drink, picnic rug and teddy bears in a bag. Then head out of the door to find your perfect picnic spot to enjoy your delicious picnic and the teddy bear activities.  

This fundraising idea is brilliant for nurseries and primary schools, as well as Rainbow and Brownie units.