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Ashgate Hospice > Couch to 5k

Running is a brilliant form of exercise. It doesn’t need a costly gym membership, plus it gets you out into the great outdoors.  

So, why not set yourself the challenge of being able to run 5k whilst raising money for Ashgate Hospice? Couch to 5k is an easy-to-follow nine-week plan, involving three runs a week, to help you reach your goal. 

Access the Couch to 5k programme on the NHS website. Here you’ll also be able to download a podcast episode for each week to help make this challenge more manageable.  

Add a little competitiveness! If you are getting others involved, it might help to include some friendly competition to help motivate you all! Could there be a prize for the person who runs the fastest 5k at the end of the challenge?  

This could be perfect for your New Year’s Resolution or a personal challenge. Knowing you are supporting Ashgate Hospice while running will certainly motivate you to carry on.