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Ashgate Hospice > COVID guidance

8th June 2022

Since the pandemic began, we have been working incredibly hard to reduce the impact of COVID-19 at Ashgate Hospice. We know that the restrictions have not always been easy, and we would like to thank you for your cooperation and support.

The hospice remains open for visitors 24 hours a day.

Visting the hospice

  • Visitors will be temperature checked on arrival at the main reception. Anyone with a high temperature signifying illness, will not be able to enter the hospice.
  • We would kindly ask all visitors to continue to wash their hands and/or use the hand sanitiser regularly while they are in the hospice.
  • We are continuing to ask all visitors to the Inpatient Unit to wear a surgical face mask (unless medically exempt) which will be provided to you by the hospice. The mask must be worn before entering the Inpatient Unit corridor.
  • There is no restriction on the total number of visitors that a patient can receive. However, we are only able to accept two at any one time.
  • We would ask that you liaise with your family and friends before coming to make sure there is only two adult visitors in the building at any one time.

When more visitors are allowed

If the person you are visiting is considered to be in the last week of their life, then, the medical staff will complete a Recognising Dying Form which allows for more visitors to be able to visit the patient.

The mask should be kept on whilst in the patient’s room unless the patient or visitor have difficulties with communication. If you do take off your mask due to communication difficulties, then it should be put back on again when a member of staff or volunteer enters the room, you re-enter the Inpatient Unit corridor, and on your way out of the building.

Here at Ashgate, we have not had a single outbreak of COVID throughout the pandemic. This is thanks to our patients, their families and our wonderful staff and volunteers who have supported and adhered to our guidance measures, and we thank you in advance for your support and co-operation.

To get in touch with the main hospice and our clinical teams, please contact us via phone or email here.