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Ashgate Hospice > End of life care facilitators > Derbyshire End of Life Award

What is the Derbyshire End of Life Award?

The DELQA is a Derbyshire wide initiative for nursing homes. It is aimed at improving end of life care for people who are dying in care.

End of life care includes care for people in their last years, months and days of life as well as care after death.

The criteria is based on national guidance such as NICE, the Human Rights Act and the Key Lines of Enquiry for CQC. Although the award is not mandatory it is supported by the ICB Quality Managers.

What does it involve?

The DELQA  focuses on both the delivery of high quality end of life care by staff who are well trained, and on the structures in place which support good practice.

The process is a rigorous one and may take up to a year to achieve. The End of Life Care Facilitators visit the nursing home regularly and provide education and support to managers and staff throughout the process.


What does it include?

A formal assessment tool is used to measure evidence around the following topics:

  1. Supportive Care Meetings (including Supportive Care Registers and After Death Analysis)
  2. Partnership working with community service providers.
  3. ReSPECT & DNACPR documentation
  4. Advance Care Planning documentation
  5. Information for families
  6. Recognising Dying
  7. Person Centred Care Plan based on the Five New Priorities of Care
  8. Bereavement Care
  9. Staff can access information and appropriate documentation relating to EOLC.


How can the Derbyshire End of Life Care Quality Award be revalidated?

Once the award has been achieved, standards will continue to be monitored and assessed on a three-monthly basis. Formal revalidation takes place every two years to ensure that ongoing standards are evident.