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Ashgate Hospice > Movie Night

Why not hold a movie night from the comfort of your home, community hall, or school in aid of Ashgate Hospice?  

The average cost of a cinema trip for a family of four with drinks and snacks is £68. Could you donate the money you’ve saved to help us care for more families in North Derbyshire? 

The first step is to choose a movie together. It could be one you have on DVD or choose from the selection on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  

A movie night isn’t complete without some sweet treats or popcorn. So, make sure you’ve got everyone’s favourite treats. You could ask everyone who is joining you to make a donation for the snacks. 

A benefit of enjoying the movie at home instead of the cinema is you can make your space how you like it. So, get some blankets and pillows and make yourself comfy. For extra comfort make it a pyjama party. Tell everyone to wear their favourite, comfiest pyjamas.