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Ashgate Hospice > Special thank you party for Ashgate’s staff and volunteers

On the 18th June, we hosted Ashgate’s BIG Thank You party to thank our staff and volunteers for their dedication and commitment. At the party, we recognised staff and volunteers with our Values in Action Awards. These awards recognise staff, volunteers or teams who, as nominated by their peers, best exemplify Ashgate’s values.   

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Ashgate Hospice. They are grounded in our commitment to being the best we can be for our patients and the people who are important to them, for our customers and supporters, and for each other. We are compassionate. We work as team. We are respectful, open and inclusive. 

Our Clowne Shop Manager, Mike Hall, was nominated as Inclusive: 

“Mike works really hard to ensure his team at Clowne are inclusive. He goes out of his way to welcome volunteers with additional needs onto his team, to get to know that person, and make any reasonable adjustments and accommodations necessary to ensure they feel included in the team.  

“He is clearly passionate about this aspect of his work and believes that engaging and supporting people, including the local community, is an integral part of the work the shops do; and that this work is complementary to the overall aim of the shops to raise money for Ashgate. Mike is also happy to share his skills and experiences with other retail staff. Mike’s passion and commitment to this value, which is shared by his retail colleagues, means that our shops can be inclusive places to work, where staff and volunteers alike, have a real sense of belonging, as well as pride in what they do.” 

In the ‘Compassionate’ category, our Community Nursing Team were nominated: 

“We receive many thank you cards and messages for the team, from family members who say that without the support from the nurses and the team they would not have coped, and that family members who have sadly died were able to be pain free and peaceful, and to remain at home, which was their wish.  

“The team genuinely displays compassion and empathy on a daily basis. They go above and beyond to help and support patients and their loved ones, in trying all they can to improve their quality of life in all aspects. It isn’t just a career to our community nurses, but it’s their vocation and passion in life.” 

Our Finance Manager, Wendy Gilderdale has been recognised as ‘Open’: 

“Wendy drives fresh thinking across the whole organisation and is always hungry to learn at the same time. The effectiveness of several groups and committees has been significantly influenced by her effective communication with them and by her active ownership of actions. She has also brought a clear voice of understanding, action, challenge and assurance into our forums and committees.” 

Our Estates, Catering and Housekeeping teams were recognised in the Teamwork category: 

“The past three years have been very challenging, yet everyone has played their part with outstanding performances. The housekeepers and catering staff have worked, laughed, cried together and stood strong at all times.  

“The strength of these people never fails to amaze me. There have been numerous sad occasions, yet they’ve carried on, continuously proving what an incredible team they are. Their hard work is truly an inspiration to the hospice; nothing is too much trouble for any one of them. I feel proud and privileged to be part of this team and call my colleagues my friends. A massive thank you to each and every one of you. You’re all amazing.” 

The Inpatient Unit team has been recognised as ‘Respectful’: 

“Everyone goes the extra mile to provide additional care by way of enabling activities or events that meet the specific needs or interests of a patient, to bring joy to them and their loved ones. This might be by recreating a beach bar experience outside on a sunny day, an afternoon tea for a husband and wife, getting together a patient’s folk band to play together one last time or organising a wedding!  

“In my many visits to patients and their families, as a Spiritual Care Practitioner on the Inpatient Unit, I am told by almost every patient and their loved ones how appreciative they are of the staff; how less anxious they are for being in the hospice; how well listened to they are and how grateful they are for the excellent treatments that improve their quality of life – from symptom management and pain relief to delicious food! I hear the staff being unfailingly reassuring, kind, addressing need and showing enormous respect. I’m in awe of all they do. Never once have I heard anyone complain about anything! They are THE BEST!” 

We also recognised those who achieved long service at Ashgate Hospice. All staff and volunteers received a certificate of appreciation and a pin badge to show our gratitude and how much we value their commitment to the hospice over the years. 

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