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Win up to £25,000!

It’s so easy to be a winner with the Ashgate Lottery. Plus, you’ll be helping to raise money for your local hospice. Will you be our next lucky winner?

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Ashgate Lottery Star Card

We have teamed up with local businesses to give our players a number of fantastic special offers and discounts through the Ashgate Lottery Star Card.

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How our lottery works

It costs £1 each week to play our lottery. You must be over the age of 18 to play. 

Once you join the lottery, we will issue you with a unique 5-digit number for each £1 entry. This will remain yours for as long as you continue to play the lottery. You can have up to 15 entries per week. 

Each Friday, the lucky winners are chosen at random. If you are a winner, you will receive your prize cheque in the post within 28 working days. There is no need for you to contact us to claim your prize.

Why your support matters

By playing the Ashgate Lottery, you're helping us to be there for families when it matters most. We rely on your support to provide our compassionate care. So, thank you.

Lady in a pink dress walking in her garden with an Ashgate support worker
Anne, who receives lymphoedema treatment from Ashgate Hospice, with Pam, a Palliative Care Support Worker

Meet our lottery team!

Meet our team of friendly and dedicated door-to-door lottery canvassers!
This team are employed by Lottery Promotion Services and work on behalf of Ashgate Hospice.
Their job is to introduce people to our lottery and help them understand how vital it is to fund our care and services – making a difference to people across North Derbyshire.
In the last few months, they have helped to sign up over 900 people for the Ashgate Lottery!

What to expect

The team will be wearing Ashgate Hospice uniforms and will be carrying ID badges to reassure you they are genuine members of our team.
If you choose to sign up for the Ashgate Lottery, you’ll be invited to pay by direct debit. You will be required to share your account number and sort code to set this up, which are safe details to share. (They will never ask you for the 16-digit number on your debit or credit card).
The team works across the whole of North Derbyshire and you will typically see them Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm but they occasionally work weekends too. They will never accept cash donations, cheques or property (such as items for our shops).
For any questions about our door-to-door canvassers, please email [email protected] or call us on 01246 567250.

Say hello!

Brandon Day, Tyler Fortune and Brendan Oldham
Haroon Hussain
Haroon Hussain
Fingers crossed behind someone's back

Our lottery rules

The Ashgate Lottery is a fun way to support the hospice and the vital work we do. To keep our players safe, our lottery has a few terms and conditions.

Read our lottery rules