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Our counselling team can help you explore issues of grief and loss in a safe environment.

We can help you to explore the situation or issues that you are dealing with. This can be around illness, bereavement, communicating with loved ones, or any other issues you wish to discuss. 

Before starting counselling, we will contact you to have an informal discussion. This is so we can ensure we offer you the most appropriate form of support. We will listen to your concerns and agree together how we can offer support. 

We can offer counselling at face-to-face sessions or via the telephone and virtually. Appointments are available during the day and some early evenings throughout the week. You will see the same counsellor each time.

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Recently bereaved drop-in session
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Expressing emotions through art

Children's Services

About the service

Our Children’s Service supports children up to the age of 18. We support children whose loved one has died, or who are living with a loved one with a palliative diagnosis. We also offer support to their families. Our support is led by the needs of the children as well as their interests.


What we offer

We offer support in a variety of ways. This could be something as simple as offering story books to help children understand death and dying. We also offer play, art and crafts, as well as simple talking sessions that children will engage in. We allow children to talk about their grief in a safe space in their own time.

We offer art therapy and counselling for children and young people facing complex grief or several bereavements.

We also provide family support sessions. These help families support each other after our sessions are complete.


Where support is offered

We offer support sessions wherever suits the child and their family. This could be at the hospice at Old Brampton in one of our family spaces or counselling rooms, in the child’s home, at school, or in the community. We can also deliver sessions virtually by Teams.

We also offer support to families on our Inpatient Unit. We will continue to work with families if needed following the death of their loved one.


Support for schools

We work in partnership with local schools, offering support and advice to staff when a child has been bereaved. We send packs out to local schools that contain guidance on how to help children. We also offer training sessions for school staff and volunteers.


Peer Support Groups

On the first Saturday of every month, we offer a family session. We also run an evening teenage group on the third Monday of every month. The purpose of these groups is to provide fun, enjoyable activities and sessions. This is mixed with ongoing support and advice around managing feelings of grief and loss.


Referrals to the service

We accept referrals from the wider Ashgate Hospice team, schools, and other community organisations.

Each referral is offered an assessment. We use an accredited tool to ensure the appropriate support is offered.

We also use a review and goal-setting system to ensure practice remains appropriate and beneficial.

Helpful information

If you have been affected by a life-limiting illness, we have lots of helpful resources to ensure you get the support you need.

To speak to a member of the team, please contact us using the details below.

Supportive Care Team