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If you have symptoms that are difficult to manage at home, you may be asked by a healthcare professional if you would consider admission onto our Inpatient Unit at Old Brampton.

During your stay, we aim to improve your quality of life. The doctors and nursing team will talk to you about your symptoms and what is important to you to be able to continue doing the things you love. We will always involve you and your loved ones in decisions about your care, respecting your wishes throughout your stay with us.

We can offer you and your loved ones emotional and psychological support too. We can help provide practical support if needed. For example, if you are concerned about money or need extra support at home, we can help.

What people say about us

Our patients and their loved ones share how the Inpatient Unit team helped them.

A rad wolf

“I’ll never forget the special memories me and mum made during her final days at Ashgate. We’d just sit there, talking about anything and everything.”

Vanessa Pearce Daughter of Jean, who was cared for on our Inpatient Unit
A rad wolf

“From the moment I walked through the doors at Ashgate I knew that Kim was in safe hands.”

Paul Clayton Husband of Kim, who was cared for on our Inpatient Unit
A rad wolf

“Ashgate holds your hand. In fact, for me it put its arms around me and hugged me.”

Sheila Gray Sheila was cared for on our Inpatient Unit
A rad wolf
Each bedroom is a private space with access to our beautiful gardens.
A rad wolf
Our catering team serve delicious homemade food and snacks.

Helpful information

If you or your loved one has been admitted to our Inpatient Unit, we have lots of helpful resources to ensure you get the support you need.

Frequently asked questions

Inpatient Unit
How long do people tend to stay on the Inpatient Unit?

Most people return home within a couple of weeks, with the community services they need in place. While you are in the hospice, you may be introduced to members of the team who may be able to help you when you go home. We can also arrange for you to get the equipment you need at home, or the adaptations you need to be made to your home.

Do you support people at the very end of their lives?

Some people want to be cared for on our Inpatient Unit when they die. These people come to the hospice when they are very close to the end of their life. We make sure they are as comfortable as possible, right up until their death.

What do I need to bring with me?

We advise that you bring items of clothing and your own toiletries, including towels, to keep your comfortable. Each room has storage space to keep your clothes and other personal belongings. You are welcome to make your room your own. We recommend that you do not bring valuable items or large amounts of money into the hospice. We do not accept responsibility for personal property that may become damaged or lost.

Can I have visitors?

To help ensure the safety of everyone we care for, we’re continuing to follow strict infection prevention and control measures. We are pleased to say that we have increased the number of visitors per patient from two to four named visitors for the duration of your stay on the Inpatient Unit. However, only two named visitors should be in the hospice building at the same time.

Please read the latest visitor guidance.

Ordinarily, your loved ones are welcome to visit you at any time, on any day of the week throughout the year. We do not restrict the number of visitors unless requested by a patient or in certain circumstances, for example, during COVID. We also have facilities for visitors to stay overnight, if they wish to.

We would ask that you liaise with your family and friends before coming to make sure there is only two adult visitors in the building at any one time. Any more than that number will not be admitted, and we would not like to disappoint you when you arrive.

We are unable to allow more named visitors than this as the risk increases significantly, for our patients, their visitors and for our own staff and volunteers. We are asking people who are named visitors to still be very careful about their contacts when outside the hospice.

Can children visit?

To help ensure the safety of everyone we care for, we’re continuing to follow strict infection prevention and control measures. This includes limiting the number of visitors to four named adult visitors only for the duration of your stay on the Inpatient Unit. Only two named visitors should be in the hospice building at the same time to reduce the spread of infection. Please read the latest visitor guidance. If you have a dependent child, then of course they can visit. We are currently asking that children enter and leave the hospice via patio doors into their parent’s bedroom to reduce the risk of infection.

We have a box of toys and books in the Family Room which children are welcome to play with. In the interest of safety, children must be always supervised by a responsible adult. 

Can pets visit?

Pets can visit their owners too, but please inform a member of staff and always keep pets on a lead. Please also keep our garden area enjoyable for all. 

What food and drink do you offer?

Our catering team cooks delicious homemade meals. They will speak with you to provide exactly what you wish to have to eat. Refreshments, snacks and light meals are available 24 hours a day. We can cater for any specialist diet, allergy or sensitivity.

Can I drink alcohol on the Inpatient Unit?

You are welcome to enjoy an alcoholic drink either with a meal or at night time. The doctors will advise you if it is safe to drink with your medications, as some do not mix well with alcohol. There is a small selection of alcohol on the ward or you are welcome to bring your own. Please make staff aware and store it securely. 

Can I smoke or vape?

We have a no smoking policy. Smoking or vaping are not permitted in the hospice or within the grounds. If you do smoke, we will offer you support to stop smoking. 

Our care
Will I have to pay towards my care?

All our services are provided free of charge. We rely on the support of our community to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

How do I leave feedback?

We work very hard to provide the highest standards of care and service to you, your families, and our supporters. However, we are aware that we may not always get it right. 

We hope you will tell us when we have got things right for you and perhaps when things did not go so well. It is very important to us that we hear from you so that we can use your feedback to continually improve our services. You can fill in this online form to leave feedback. 

How do I get referred?

A healthcare professional involved in your care can refer you to our services. 

To speak to a member of the Inpatient Unit team, please contact us using the details below.

Inpatient Unit