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Gifts in wills
Gifts in wills help us to care for 1 in 6 of our patients.

If you're thinking of leaving a gift to Ashgate Hospice in your will, thank you.

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Frequently asked questions

Gifts in wills
Why should I make a will?

A will is a legal document that expresses your wishes of where you would like your money, property and possessions to go when you die. Having a will in place can help to ensure that you are taking care of your loved ones’ needs and your wishes are followed.

What will happen if I don’t write a will?

If you don’t write a will then your estate will have to be distributed under the rules of intestacy, which means your estate may not be distributed as you wished.

Do I need to leave a gift to Ashgate Hospice?

You don’t need to leave a gift in your will to Ashgate Hospice or any charity, but your solicitor may ask you whether you wish to leave a gift to charity when you are making your will. If you do choose to leave a gift to Ashgate Hospice, it will help to ensure that people across North Derbyshire with a life-limiting illness, and their families, can receive specialist care when it matters the most. In fact, one in six Ashgate Hospice patients is cared for thanks to gifts in wills. Every gift, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.

Can Ashgate Hospice provide me with legal advice?

Ashgate Hospice cannot provide you with any legal advice relating to your will. However, we do have information available so that you will know what to expect when making your will and we can recommend local solicitors. If you would like to ask us any questions, please contact our Fundraising Team on 01246 567 250 or email [email protected]

Do I need to make my will with a solicitor?

Going to a solicitor to write your will will ensure that your will is correct and legal, giving you the greatest peace of mind, especially if your affairs are complex. If you have simple will-writing needs, you may choose to make your will online. Ashgate Hospice have partnered with trusted will-writing company Octopus Legacy to help you write your will online completely free of charge. Making a will online means you don’t have to see a solicitor face-to-face and an expert from Octopus Legacy will check your will for any obvious errors before it is finalised. Unlike meeting with a solicitor, when you make your will online you will be responsible for printing your will, getting it signed by two witnesses, and storing it safely. For more information go to, email [email protected] or call us on 01246 567 250 to ask about online wills.

Do I need to tell Ashgate Hospice that I am leaving a gift to them?

You do not need to tell anybody the wishes of your will. However, if you wish to let us know that you have left a gift to Ashgate Hospice, it will give us the opportunity to thank you personally. Once you have made your will, you will need to leave it with your solicitor, in a safe place at home or with the Probate Service. You must let your executors know where your will is kept. (You do not need to share your will with Ashgate Hospice or anyone else other than your executors).

Can I change my will once I’ve made it?

It is not advisable to make changes to your will yourself as this may invalidate it. If you wish to update your will, contact your solicitor. You can either make a new will or in some cases alterations can be made with a document called a codicil, which can be prepared by a solicitor. Some solicitors offer a free will review and can advise you the best way to update your will.

For more information about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch with us.

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