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How we raise our money

Fundraising continues to be Ashgate’s most significant source of income. Each year we must raise £11 million to continue to deliver our crucial palliative and end of life care and support. Only 31% of our income comes from local National Health Service (NHS) budgets.

The specialist care we provide has been rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It’s important that we raise as much money as we can so that more people in North Derbyshire have the care they ought to have for themselves and their families. We couldn’t do this without the generosity of our supporters, and we are extremely grateful for every contribution we receive.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of supporters which means in the average year we hope to generate over £4m sales in our shops and over £5m income from other fundraising activities.

It is, however, a precarious funding model. We have significant fixed costs but considerable uncertainty around the scale and timing of our income. Legacies, for example, make up over 10% of our annual income, but the timing and value of them is not within our control. This is in contrast to our expenditure where the amount and due date of payroll, taxes and supplier payments is very clear and cannot be moved.

How we raised our money

Text description for pie chart:

  • 30% – NHS
  • 25% – Shops
  • 19% – Legacies
  • 17% – Donations
  • 7% – Fundraising
  • 1% – Gift in Kind
  • 1% – Other

How We Raised Our Money - Pie Chart - 30% - NHS, 25% - Shops, 19% - Legacies- 17% - Donations, 7% - Fundraising, 1% - Gift in Kind, 1% - Other

How we spend your money

When it comes to delivering crucial palliative and end of life care, we make every penny count.

On average for every £1 Ashgate spends, 62p goes towards delivering and improving our care and services and 38p is invested to generate future income.

£1 Raised Graphic

We understand that when you make a charitable donation, you want to know exactly how your money is being spent and we pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions.

Below, you can see in more detail how your money is spent:

How we spend your money

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  • 38% – Patient care – hospice
  • 25% – Shops
  • 12% – Patient care – community
  • 12% – Patient care – therapies and rehabilitation
  • 5% – Raising voluntary income
  • 3% – Lottery
  • 3% – Events
  • 2% – Community

How We Spent Our Money Pie Chart

Ashgate’s crucial palliative and end of life care and support would not be possible without generous people like you. We appreciate every gift that we receive and work hard to ensure that not a penny is wasted.

Every £1 donated to Ashgate Hospice – whether through direct debit, a cash donation, taking part in the Ashgate Lottery, participating in an event, purchasing items in our shops or leaving a gift in your will – makes a huge difference.

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t provide our care without you.

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