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Most of our patients receive care in their own homes and we can help support you in your place of choice.

Our Palliative Care Specialist Nurses and Palliative Care Support Workers work alongside other health and social care professionals to ensure you get all the support you need. This includes helping to manage difficult symptoms and providing advice when needed. We want to help you to live your life as comfortably as possible and understand what choices you have regarding your care.

We will also ensure that you get the practical help and emotional support you or your loved ones might need.

We do not provide personal care or respite services. But, we can help to arrange and coordinate this with statutory services if needed.

This service is available Monday to Sunday from 9am until 5pm (with a reduced weekend service).

"Ashgate were amazing, they provided equipment, visited her at home and were always only a phone call away when we needed them."

Zoe Cook, Daughter of Chrissy, who was cared for at home

Frequently asked questions

Our care
Do you only care for people at the end of their lives?

Hospice care is not just for the end of life. We can support you throughout your illness for weeks, or over many months or years. We can help you to live as well as possible until you die and to die with dignity.

Will I have to pay towards my care?

All our services are provided free of charge. We rely on the support of our community to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

How do I leave feedback?

We work very hard to provide the highest standards of care and service to you, your families, and our supporters. However, we are aware that we may not always get it right. 

We hope you will tell us when we have got things right for you and perhaps when things did not go so well. It is very important to us that we hear from you so that we can use your feedback to continually improve our services. You can fill in this online form to leave feedback. 

How do I get referred?

A healthcare professional involved in your care can refer you to our services. 

To speak to a member of the team, please contact us using the details below.

Palliative Care Specialist Nurse Team