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Connecting with your spirituality can help improve your wellbeing.

In general, spirituality is defined as something that:

  • everyone can experience
  • helps us to find meaning and purpose in the things we value
  • can bring hope and healing in times of suffering and loss
  • encourages us to seek the best relationship with ourselves, others, and the world.

We seek to listen with compassion and support you as you reflect, explore and remember.

We hold worship services, individual prayer and communion at the hospice. We hold both a Christian service of thanksgiving and a non-religious ceremony twice a year to say thank you and remember the loved ones we have lost. We also offer meditation and deep talk sessions, exploring story in a creative way.

We are also a link with the diverse faith communities of Derbyshire. We can make contact with other Faith Leaders if requested.

Woman sat on a chair in a room putting messages on a tree

The Reflection Room

The Reflection Room at the main hospice is always open and is for people of all faiths or people with no faith. Many people find it to be an oasis of peace and use it to reflect, to pray or to be still. Our Spiritual Care Practitioners lead meditations and acts of worship here. Religious artefacts are also present in the Reflection Room for people to use. Please feel free to use the books of meditations and prayers, as well as the ‘Thanksgiving Book’ and ‘Message Tree’.

"Thank you for your care during this time, I so appreciate it. Your thoughtful listening has helped me process my loss."

Anonymous, Received support from our Spiritual Care Team

"Thank you for everything you have done, all your support for us and especially the beautiful and thoughtful tribute you gave at the funeral."

Anonymous, Received support from our Spiritual Care Team

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my Mum’s service. It was lovely, dignified and gentle."

Anonymous, Received support from our Spiritual Care Team

Helpful information

If you or your loved one has a life-limiting illness, we have lots of helpful resources to ensure you get the spiritual support you need.

Screenshot of Zoom of a lady wearing glasses and headphone and smiling
Podcast | 2 October 2021

S2 E5: Stephen and Siobhan

Frequently asked questions

Our care
Will I have to pay towards my care?

All our services are provided free of charge. We rely on the support of our community to ensure we can continue to provide this service.

How do I leave feedback?

We work very hard to provide the highest standards of care and service to you, your families, and our supporters. However, we are aware that we may not always get it right. 

We hope you will tell us when we have got things right for you and perhaps when things did not go so well. It is very important to us that we hear from you so that we can use your feedback to continually improve our services. You can fill in this online form to leave feedback. 

How do I get referred?

A healthcare professional involved in your care can refer you to our services. 

Spiritual care
Do I need to believe in God?

We believe that spirituality is something that all people experience – whether you are of a particular faith or of none. Our role is to help you use your spiritual resources to make sense of your situation and to bring a sense of peace.

Can I see my own priest?

Yes, we are inclusive and will help you to have contact with your own faith or philosophical community leader.

What if I don’t go to church anymore?

Many people don’t actively attend church anymore but keep a belief system and express a spiritual side. We provide a safe space to explore these things without judgement.

Can you offer Last Rites?

We can invite the appropriate minister in to say prayers and fulfill religious duties. Our Spiritual Care Practitioners can also offer prayers, bedside communion or time for contemplation.

To speak to a member of the team, please contact us using the details below.

Supportive Care Team