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Disability Confident is a Government Scheme designed to encourage employers to recruit and retain disabled people and people with long-term health conditions.

At Ashgate, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace where those with disabilities not only thrive but flourish. 

In 2016, we were awarded ‘Disability Confident’ status. This means we have met government standards and taken measures to recruit and retain disabled people in the workplace.  

By participating in the Disability Confident scheme, we are committing to: 

  • Changing perceptions and attitudes towards disability 
  • Enhancing awareness and understanding of disability  
  • Removing barriers for people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions  
  • Guaranteeing that disabled individuals have the chances to achieve their full potential and pursue their aspirations  

While we celebrate this milestone, we acknowledge there’s always room to grow. We are continually working to develop and enhance the way we do things and striving for improvement.  


Our commitment in action 

Creating an Inclusive Environment 

We’ve implemented various measures to ensure our workplace is welcoming and accessible for all staff and volunteers with disabilities or long-term health conditions.  

Inclusive Recruitment Process 

  • Job applicants meeting essential criteria are guaranteed interviews. 
  • All candidates receive interview questions in advance. 
  • We make necessary adjustments to the recruitment process, known as ‘reasonable adjustments,’ to remove or reduce any barriers.  

Support in the Workplace 

  • We participate in the Access to Work scheme, assisting individuals with physical or mental health conditions or disabilities to thrive at work. 
  • ‘Reasonable adjustments’ are made to address any difficulties a disabled person encounters in the workplace. 
  • Our flexible working policy supports diverse needs. 
  • We help improve or maintain overall wellbeing, with dedicated support for those affected by menopause symptoms.  

Read more about the Disability Confident scheme and what it takes to become a Disability Confident employer.