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Go Pink for Ashgate 2023
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Welcome to the vibrant world of Ashgate Hospice's Go Pink campaign!

Join the Ashgate Hospice Go Pink Campaign and Make a Difference!




What is Go Pink for Ashgate Hospice?

This is your opportunity to join Ashgate Hospice’s Go Pink for Ashgate’s fundraising campaign and help us raise £12,000 for Ashgate.  Go Pink for Ashgate is more than just a colour, by embracing all things pink, we can raise awareness and vital funds to support Ashgate Hospice to provide exceptional care and support to patients and their families.

How can I get involved?

Participating in the Go Pink campaign is easy and fun! Here’s how you can join in the Go Pink fundraising fun:

With friends and family:

Bake Pink… Bake or buy pink cakes and hold a coffee morning or tea party at home.

Party in Pink… organise a get together and dress in fancy dress or ask people to don their brightest pink clothes or accessories.  If you have taken part in the Sparkle Night walk its time to recycle those bunny ears!

Quiz in Pink… organise a pink themed quiz with friends.

Fundraise in pink… Dye your hair pink or set yourself a challenge – it could be as simple as a sponsored walk or run.

With your pets:

Dress your pet in pink!

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More ways to get involved

At work:

Bake Pink… Bake or buy pink cakes and hold a bake sale.

Dress Pink… organise a dress down day and don your brightest pink clothes or accessories and brighten up your meetings or focus on pink headwear for video call.

In shops:

Turn your shop window pink… and showcase all your pink merchandise.

Dress in pink… ask all your staff to dress in pink.

Dye your hair pink… and ask for sponsorship.

Don’t forget to ask for donations or set up a justgiving page for all your pink activities! We can provide you will collection tins and buckets as well – just get in touch with us at [email protected]

Ashely Bear. Ashgate Hospice's mascot wearing a pink tutu and holding up a pink dotation bucket for the Go Pink campagin

How can I get my school involved?

Here are some ideas on how to get your school involved:

Pink Day Extravaganza… Rally your students, teachers, and staff to dress in pink! Transform your school into a vibrant sea of pink attire and create an electrifying atmosphere buzzing with enthusiasm and unity.

Bake Pink… Bake or buy pink cakes and hold a bake sale.

Walk Pink…organise a sponsored pink walk or colour run.

Host a Pink disco… host a school disco with a pink theme.

Craft Pink… get crafting, pink picture or colouring competition or hold a craft sale.

We even have the opportunity for your school to have a visit from the Hospice’s mascot, Ashley Bear during Go Pink for Ashgate week.  If you would like him to visit your school please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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Why should I get involved?

By joining the Go Pink campaign, you become an integral part of a movement that truly transforms lives.

Here are a few reasons why your involvement matters: 

Make a lasting impact on the lives of patients and their families, ensuring they receive the exceptional care they deserve

Showcase your commitment to compassion and community

Unleash your creativity and rally others around a meaningful cause, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity.

Be part of something bigger than yourself, joining a community dedicated to bringing hope and support to those in need.

Two men in formal attire smiling at camera

Let us know what you are planning!

Complete the form found here to tell us what you are planning for Go Pink for Ashgate.

Join Ashgate Hospice’s Go Pink campaign today! Together, we can make a real difference and create a brighter future for all in North Derbyshire.


Spread the Word!

Amplify the message of the Go Pink campaign by sharing your experiences on social media platforms. Let your community know about the positive change you’re doing, inspire others to get involved and make a real difference.

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